Fighting Alzheimer's Disease

Major Steps to Maintain Cognitive Skills And Wellness

The Real Story

Cambodia and South Vietnam 1953-1970

“Empower Your Mind, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Discover Courage: A Journey Through Self-Help, Military Memoirs, and Motivational Books”

Frank Terence McCarthy served as a company commander in an Army Engineer Construction Battalion in Thailand in 1961. He met Father Ray Brennan, who became a significant influence on his life. McCarthy transferred to Army Intelligence after returning to the U.S. and taught military classes in Spanish in Panama from 1966-1968. He was then stationed in Vietnam, where he played a crucial role in intelligence breakthroughs. He produced a document on Cambodia that helped Westmoreland to secure his place in history. After retiring from the military, McCarthy worked in Christian ministry and founded Operation Friends Inc., a non-profit corporation that worked with the homeless in southern Fairfax County, Virginia. McCarthy received the Good Neighbor Award in 1995 for his work. McCarthy has also worked with Native American pueblos and tribes in developing business objectives and writing government grants. He also wrote poems and published them in a book called “Courtship and Marriage.” McCarthy faced challenges in his personal life, such as losing his daughter to melanoma cancer and losing another daughter in a hit-and-run accident.

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